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The Shasta Connection #1 - Autie Carlisle's Shasta Stories

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Growing up in Mount Shasta, California... meant my high school graduating class was 67. People. Yes. And the biggest fear anyone of us had was getting "sucked in by the vortex" aka, never making it out of that small little mountain town for the rest of our lives.

It wasn't until years later, having experienced the vortex several times on my own, that I realized getting "stuck" in Mount Shasta might not be such a bad thing after all. Having lived in essentially every region of California, (San Luis Obispo, Sun Valley, Weed, North Hollywood, San Jose, Anaheim, I said), I made my way north, just across the border, to Ashland, Oregon. Close enough to visit, but far enough for mom to have to call first! ;)

Now, you may be wondering what The Shasta Connection is?

What isn't it, is a better answer. In a small town you get to know a lot of people. That's the long and the short of it; for better or worse. So, when people you've known your whole life are thriving, living their dreams, and creating amazing things, you can't help but want to celebrate them.

(Especially if they are creating amazing things which beautifully capture Mount Shasta.)

I'm kicking off this Grand Opening Shasta Connection with a video from my fellow Shastafarian Autie Carlisle's DocuSeries "Shasta Stories". I picked this video in particular because it's exactly what I love about Shasta these days and Autie did an amazing job capturing Peter's spirit, which is entirely reflective of Mount Shasta, herself.

Check out the trailer below and then click the button to head over to Autie's website and check out more great "Shasta Stories". *Skizers is another personal fave*

That's all for now, check back again soon for another great Shasta Connection!

Peace, Love, and SWAG!

Shasta Stories / Peter Mt. Shasta from Autie Carlisle on Vimeo.



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